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360 VR Camera Rig
Using the latest 360 photography and video technology, we capture 360 degree virtual reality (VR) photography and also create presented guided video tours.
360 VR can benefit any business that need to showcase their venue and facilities. Applications include:
  • Hotels
  • Spas
  • Leisure & Commercial
  • Tourism
  • Wedding & Conference Facilities


360 VR
The resulting images or videos can be embedded into your website and online room booking systems to showcase your venue to its full potential. Furthermore, 360 VR video is now fully supported by Facebook and YouTube, so you can astound your social media followers in glorious 360!
360 VR has been proven to better engage with online visitors, increase interest in website content and ultimately result in lead generation.At the very least, 360 VR is likely to increase bookings and minimise costly ‘time-wasting’ enquiries.

We're even 360 VR Airborne!

We can also film fully stabilised aerial footage in glorious 360 with the drone patched out of the shot. Quite unbelievable to see this latest tech in action. Imagine the possibilities!
For more information on this and our high end CAA approved aerial filming services, visit eyeskymedia.co.uk


Showcase your venue to its full potential

Using the latest 360 degree HD cameras we can capture full 360 degree panoramic of your rooms and facilities and wrap it into a 360 degree interactive environment which your customers can view under their full control. You can then easily embed these into your website to showcase your venue to its full potential.
See the examples below and take a look around for yourself.
Note: For the best viewing experience click on the bottom right square icon of the image to view in full screen.

Hotel - Facade

Hotel - Bedroom

Hotel - Dining Room

Commercial/Leisure Skatepark


Virtual 360 degree tours by a professional presenter

Using the latest industry leading 360 degree cameras, we can capture your venue in 4K HD. We can create a virtual tour of your venue professionally voiced or presented giving an interactive one to one experience for the viewer.
See below for an example of a recent marketing video for a leading indoor skate park in Plymouth. You will see that it gives you a personal guide around all of their facilities with the presenter highlighting the key features of their business. Imagine your virtual tour...
IMPORTANT: Please note that to view in 360 format, you will need to use Google Chrome browser or the YouTube app. Be sure to select the highest quality available to appreciate the finest of detail.

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