We have been taking advice from the government on working safely during the coronavirus. If you are a voiceover artist or presenter considering booking or attending a studio session at April Media Productions, here is a brief summary of our guidance:

·         If you have a high temperature, persistent cough or other sign of illness please do not attend the studio session

·         Please consider making your way to the studio on foot, bicycle or taxi where possible

·         We ask our voiceover clients to call in to direct sessions remotely

·         Please observe social distancing of 2m where possible

·         There will be a minimal amount of people in the studio, typically just engineer & artist

·         Engineers & artists should wear a protective mask in common areas

·         Masks, gloves and alcohol hand sanitiser will be available onsite

·         Staff & artists will use separate toilet facilities

·         Please wash your hands before and after the recording session

·         Please bring water with you in a reusable container

·         Refreshments will be available for self-service

·         Artists are free to bring their own headphones & pop shield but we will provide anti-bac cleaned equipment

·         Recording booths will be anti bac cleaned before and after sessions

·         If the engineer has to enter the booth to adjust the microphone, then both engineer and artist will wear a protective face mask

·         Please do not bring partners, friends or children with you to your session


Thank You