Bring your mixes to life

Multitrack mixing is the art of blending, manipulating and levelling all of the individual recorded tracks from your recording session utilising a bit of help with effects and signal processors to create a stereo (left/right) audio mix which is compatible with domestic audio systems the world over.

We understand that nowadays many musicians now have the ability to record their own music to a high standard using their own MAC/PC and a few decent mics, which makes sense, especially for those on a budget. There is however no substitute for experience in getting a good mix and mastering your tracks for the final CD to get a polished finished product.

We hear many "DIY" band recordings sent to us that, although the recording of individual instruments is fine, the mix just doesn't do it any justice which is primarily down to a lack of experience in post-production techniques.

We would strongly advise getting your recorded tracks mixed and mastered professionally, and it is often good to get the perspective and opinion of somone outside of the band who can be objective to the music and non-biased towards levels of specific instruments, and also offer suggestions of arrangements and instrumentation of the song....something you may not have even considered!

We are happy to take on projects at any stage to their completion. Please feel free to contact us for advice and to discuss how we can help you turn an average recording into a great one!